Our Ministry is better known as a youth ministry.The youth are the backbone of the entire mechanism and functioning of the Church. One generation of youth become an inspiration for the other generation of growing children. A sense of security prevails among the parents that their children are not prone to be lost to the world and its lusts because they are motivated to spend their time in the Lord’s Service. It is our burden to spread the love and light of Christ to the youth of this country.

The Youth are a part of the choir, the worship, music classes, sunday school etc, not to mention all the odd jobs which youngsters, most of whom are highly qualified, choose to do because they believe it is done to the Lord and not unto men.Each of them has a wonderful testimony and experiences about the Lord to share.

beyoung5The youth meet up for a time of fun, prayer and learning every Saturday evening.The message is spiritual,but it is packaged in a youthful bundle of catchy activities.A team of committed youth leaders-under the leadership of Pastor Peter is actively involved in mentoring them.It is a joy to see various talents in them which will take them a long way in reaching other youth.Above all things,several youngsters have committed their lives to full and part time service of the Lord.

The youth as a group is actively involved in small prayer groups and outreach. They reach youngsters at colleges, schools and public places by performing rock shows and sharing God’s word in a subtle but effective way.

Soft Skills training @ Bethel : There is a lot of argument in the industry as to whether it is possible to enhance soft skills in a few hours of training, especially when one considers the fact that a person has lived with those traits all his life. To this, the answer is harsh but real — a professional who wants to do well in his/ her career does not really have a choice.

There is no doubt that expertise and your technical abilities are important to get placed well. However in the competitive world, it is your personality that matters most. Once you are in a job,the need is more evident especially in large organisations where several people with similar expertise will compete for a promotion.

Training on soft skills becomes all the more relevant in a country like India where the education system does not delve into personality development. “Soft skills training is essential because we do not have it in our academic curricula”.

Therefore, We at Bethel House have taken up the task of equipping our youngsters for the external competitive world so that they do not miss out on the best.A Program well designed by professionals who are experts in Soft skill training is currently in progress for Bethel’s youth.

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