About Pastor Peter Fitzgerald Samuel Gollapalli


peter_samuelRev Peter F Samuel Gollapalli is the President of Bethel Ministries and Senior Pastor of Bethel Evangelical Church in Hyderabad, South India. He is an MBA, still working full time for a Multinational Company. His calling into Ministry is unique. Facing the loss of his beloved dad on the 28th of April 1994 who started this ministry as a church ministry, Peter hardly understood what the Lord was calling him for at that point in time. He heard the Lord speak to his spirit through a daily devotional verse on the day of his dad’s funeral. It said “Moses my servant is dead. Now therefore, arise, go over this Jordan, you and all this people…”Joshua1:2.It was indeed a great step of faith and obedience to lead a mourning congregation.

In time God moved Pastor Peter and the Church from strength to strength. Peter is blessed with a deep insight into Biblical perspectives which makes him a very practical Bible Teacher. Through his ministry at Bethel Evangelical Church Peter leads its members in building spiritual lives that depend solely on God’s Plan and Will. The emphasis of Peter’s work is Bible based Christian Mission. His messages are direct and always aim to show how God’s plans are revealed in its entirety.

Pastor Peter believes that the Church exists to win the world for Christ. It is this Spirit led desire that God kept blessing. The Church ministry has been evolving into multiple areas. God kept providing opportunities to travel extensively within India and abroad to spread the saving message of Jesus Christ. He is now a regular speaker at various Youth conventions, corporate gatherings, Public meetings & Crusades. While reaching out to Youth is an important determinant of Peter’s ministerial work, sharing the love of Christ by serving the society is another. Hence the Missions Program, Outreach Program and TV Programs of this Ministry are evolving to be what they are today.

peter_familyWhat God can do through a person committed to His work really matters, than what one wants to do for the Lord. It is this belief that is evident from the blessing and response received through Heart Talk. Heart talk is a talk show on TV by Rakshana channel which features him answering questions related to a believer’s professional life for which he was approached because he is a Pastor and a corporate leader at the same time.

Wherever he is invited to preach, he shares his testimony for the glory of God. He was once an alcoholic and drug-addict written off by society but God touched him miraculously, called and anointed him. He doesn’t have any formal seminary or biblical training. He learns from the Spirit of God within before it is taught to others. God has touched his tongue and given him the gift of teaching.

Peter lives in Hyderabad with his wife Nirupama Samuel, they are blessed with a son (Neerav Nehemiah) and daughter (Vashni Liora).

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