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Warm welcome to Bethel Ministries

We’re so glad that you took the time to check us out. At Bethel Evangelical Church, we believe that church should be a place that is full of life, excitement, and the transforming presence of God. When you visit, you will experience just that. We want to make it easy for you to come to church.

What you will find here is passionate people who are hungry to encounter God, messages that are relevant to your daily life, people from every stage and walk of life, several ways to connect and reach out, that you are important to God and to us

We invite you to experience freedom, joy, and life with us! But rather than let us tell you about it, come check it out for yourself!

— Preacher Peter Samuel

Power to Change Crusader

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Pastor Peter is one of Nireekshana Hosts
Nireekshana is a Telugu show which is hosted by Edward Williams Kuntam, Peter Samuel, Thejo Jeevani, Neetha Rani, Nikitha Tiparnapally and it comes every weekday except Thursday at 6.40 am on Sakshi TV, based on real life stories of ordinary people who overcome life’s many problems with the extraordinary strength of faith through the power of God. It draws attention to problems that we face as individuals and as a society, and presents us with solutions as the show progresses.